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Gary Oldman for Prada Menswear Fall/Winter 2012 [x]

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Gary Oldman for Prada Menswear Fall 2012

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Art Basel cover
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Art Basel cover

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My thoughts on “The Grand Budapest Hotel" by Wes Anderson.

It has often been said that Wes Anderson walks the fine line between folly and genius. This is truer than before in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, where the ridiculous becomes brilliant, and brilliant has never been this ridiculous.

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" is full of celebrity cameos and all of them are welcome. As the film goes on, the craziness escalates, with lots of chases and a prison break.

The basis of the story is a murder mystery, that turns into a detective comedy and there are stories-within-stories, which overall gives a rich history. At the center of all this colour and bustle is Monsieur Gustave, played by Ralph Fiennes.

But for me, it’s the production design and cinematography that really shines through: every single shot of the film is just a joy to look at and a feast for the eyes. From the bright pastel colours of some scenes to the oak-panelled finery of the elderly lady’s mansion. Beautifully crafted, perfectly lit, handsome costumes and exquisite filming.

Can a film be absurd, funny, exciting, violent and colourful at the same time? Yes. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” combines all those features and more. And personally, it’s worth seeing once, twice and many more times on the big screen.

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"What could be better than being tucked up here with you? I mean if I died right now, it would be okay."
"Well it wouldn’t be okay with me. So, why don’t you shut up and go and change the record."

Jan 17, 2014

Listen what you want to listen

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Françoise Hardy photographed by Jean-Marie Périer

Today’s fabulous Seoul! 

Weather is so nice these days:)
Oct 9, 2013

Today’s fabulous Seoul!

Weather is so nice these days:)

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Kirsty Hume, mid 90s
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Kirsty Hume, mid 90s